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The Story of Innocent Legis

Two-year-old Innocent Legis is just one of the thousands of children that ICC has given hope to throughout its nearly 50 year history in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The name "Innocent" is a name given to children whose real name is unknown. Almost always, they are children who have been abandoned. Read more »

Integrated Community Health in Jolitrou

In our summer 2015 newsletter, we told you the story of ICC's partnership with the Jolitrou community. Read more »

A Letter of Gratitude

Below is a letter from a mother whose child is in the Community Based Rehabilitation Program. Her name is Marilandy Durán, and her son is Luis Fernando Osoria. He is six years old and has cerebral palsy. She sent her letter to ICC Dominican Republic, Fundación Cuidado Infantil Dominicano (FCID). Her grattidue has moved us, and further reinforces why we do what we do. Read more »